Teaching Pineapple

Since January 2018, I have worked for VIPKID teaching English to Chinese students. I added the companies Cambly and Outschool during the summer of 2020. Teaching online has been the best job! I have made connections across the ocean and get to do what I love in my pajamas.

Outschool Information:

Although Outschool has been around several years, it has made a big boom with school closures and social distancing. It is unique because it is an American company and the majority of the student base is from North America.

It is also unique in the fact you build your own course and choose how you want to structure it. That is right! You can choose the number of learners, ages, and topic. It is a lot of up front work, but it also has a love flexibility. Here is an example of one of my first courses below…

If you want to get started click my referral link here!

If you are interested in adding an extra income or changing careers, please contact me. I would love to help you!

VIPKID information:

** NOTE: VIPKid is experiencing changes within Mainland China. They are phasing out teaching young children in China. They are transitioning to adults and children in other countries. As of Sept. 2021 they are still hiring new teachers.***

VIPKID Teacher Requirements

I have a direct application link for VIPKID here.

My VIPKID Referral Code is MANDY0028

Facebook and Instagram: @teachingpineapple

VIPKID Payscale
The incentive scale calculates your VIPKid classes taught in total with classes taught that month.

A link to my article about my first year with VIPKID.

Here is a link to my article reviewing my second full year with VIPKid.

Cambly Information:

I have recently been hired with Cambly as well. Pay ranges from 10-12 dollars an hour. You can teach any time including day time availability. They have an adult and kid section of the program. Take note, that the hiring process sometimes gets delayed. (I waited over 3 months for approval.)

Get started with Cambly here!