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Welcome to my little internet haven!   I am Mandy creator and writer of My Sassy Starfish.  Here is where I talk about the things I love most including saving money, vintage, a little history, and Mississippi Gulf Coast living.


My love for things past started when I was a
little girl riding around with my great grandmother to visit her friends.  I would sit at their antique tables sipping coffee with a load of condensed milk listening to their stories.  Since then, I have collected these types of stories.  Going as far as to major in history at the University of Southern Mississippi, and University of Edinburgh to study history further.

As I have become older, I have begun to look for ways to simplify and live a better life.  Then I decided I should share it here with you!

Now back home on the coast with my husband and hedgehog, I work my day job while still researching topics that interest me, my own family history, and enjoying life by the beach.  

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As many people know. We are not all just one thing! Here is a list of my other passions and content spaces!

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