A Southern Thanksgiving ~ 5 Traditions Included

       I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving.  Today was full of food and family.  Ed and I are recuperating from our trip to Tennessee.   So I will make this brief… here are five things you will find when you attend Thanksgiving on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

My Thanksgiving Plate

Pecan Pie at the Dessert Table 

My Mother’s Sweet Potato Pie
  1. Come as you are and sit where you like.  When someone mentions a sitting arrangement or children’s table I have to laugh.  Neither my family nor any other on the coast I know have a set seating arrangement.
  2. Forget the pumpkin, we have sweet potato and pecan pie.  I do not know why southerns prefer sweet potato to pumpkin, but I am not complaining!
  3. Lunch time is preferable to eating later.  When it comes to southern Thanksgiving, we eat earlier to allow more time for leftovers.  
  4. Fried turkey is fantastic.  The Hornsby clan has had several Thanksgiving gatherings where the bird goes into the oil after being injected with cajun flavor.  Creates a nice juicy treat.  
  5. Seafood is part of the side dishes.  Seafood is included in the side dishes, and it is a great tradition.  Our favorites are oyster dressing and seafood gumbo!  
Little Vintage Charm at my Great Grandmother’s House