Greetings from Independence, Oregon!

      My Summer break officially began this time last week.  By Saturday evening I was at the Portland airport being picked up by my friend Melissa.  Tomorrow we will be joined by the rest of the crew.  Every two years, my friends from my Edinburgh post-grad days meet in one of our hometowns.  This year was Melissa’s turn in Oregon.  (I hosted in Mississippi last time.)  The Independence/Monmouth area I have been staying has cute little Main Streets and scenic drives.  Later in the week, we will go to the coast as well as spend a few days in Portland.  Then the second leg of my journey will commence in Minnesota at my cousin’s KOA Camp.

      I look forward to exploring antique shops for unique jewelry and vintage buttons.  We are also going to visit the largest book store on the world, Powell’s Books in Portland!  Stay tuned for updates as well as some specials Fun Finds post!