Birthday Vintage

     I cannot believe that I turned 29 today!  My birthday, as a child, always was the herald that school was about to begin.  It is ironic that as an adult it still means the same thing.  However, I have always liked my Summer birthday with late night sleepovers, and water park birthday parties.  In the spirit of my near 30 birthday here are a cool fun facts about my birthday and birth year.  
The fantastic Beatrix Potter who wrote Petter Rabbit was born on July 28,  1866 
 My favorite brunette Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis  was born July 28, 1929. 

The same day I was born, the 1984 Summer Olympics had their opening ceremony in Los Angeles, California.

Even George Orwell through it fitting to set this dystopian classic in the year 1984.  I guess for him in 1949, he never would have imagined the iconic “Big Brother’ would become a reality T.V. show.