Wish List Wednesday~ A Snowball Stand to Call My Own

Image from my Pinterest Board “Coffee Truck” 
        You may call it shaved ice, snow cone, granita, but here in the deep deep south it is a snowball.  (Yes, all one word.)  Today’s wish list Wednesday is dedicated to my love for this summer time treat as well as food trucks.  If you read my other blog Baking Book Bunny, you would find my fascination with food trucks started with Food Network’s first season of “The Great Food Truck Race.”  Often I dream of a coffee truck, but since we are holding steady right now in the nineties with extreme humidity I would fancy something cooler.

       Kerry Luft in this article that appeared in the July 18, 1983 edition of The Times-Picayune describes the wonderful treat…

        It’s a frosty cone of crushed ice packed into a styrofoam cup and soaked with sweet  — usually grape, strawberry, or cherry.  It’s sucked through a straw or wolfed down with a plastic spoon and has been cooling treat for generations… It’s the snowball.  
Dozen Snowball Flavors 
       That is such a great description of a New Orlean’s Snowball.  My favorite is the ice cream or wedding cake flavor with sweetened condensed milk squeezed on top.  However, in my shop, I would hope to make my own syrups and maybe include some seasonal varieties.  It would be a great treat for fishing rodeos, summer music festivals, and splash pads.  

Snowball Flavor Board 
      An outfitted vintage camper would be best, like the one below.  Alas, I have not had the luck of finding one on Craig’s List close by.  Until then, I can dream….
Snow Daze Snowball Truck in Rochester, New York.  You can visit their Facebook page here!