20 Things To Do With a Library Card

There is no question that I love the library.  I have enjoyed libraries since I was a child, and have worked in some kind of library for over 10 years.  There are so many things that I can enjoy for free! (Well technically for a fraction my taxes I am paying anyway.) It always makes me sad when people comment libraries are obsolete or ask if I think they will be phased out.  Actually, libraries are adaptable as much as funding will allow.  There is also a whole population of  residents without a personal computer or internet at home.  There are homeschooling moms using the library system to supplement their class library.  People looking for new jobs on the free internet and cheap printing.  Still the key to all these services is still a valid library card.

September has been Library Card Sign-Up Month in 1987.  There are so many things to use your library card at the library.  Since social distancing, many systems have beefed up their electronic offerings and made them easier to access without even going into the building.  In honor of National Library Card Sign-Up Month, here is my list of my favorite uses of library cards

There are tens of thousands reading possibilities at your local library!

Here is my list:

  1. Read a bestseller.  **May need to put your name on the waiting list, but that way you can read it without forking out 20 dollars for a hardback. 

2. Check out free audiobooks on CD to enjoy on the road.

I enjoy checking out CDs and streaming audiobooks for FREE from the library!

3. Find more recipes in their cookbooks than Pinterest. 

4. Skip the rental fees and check out movies on DVD. 

5. Satiate your child’s need for a new bedtime story with picture books.

20 Things To Do With a Library Card
Endless bedtime story material!

6. Learn a new language.  **Some libraries have app subscriptions to Mango as well as CD guides.

7. Research your family history

20 Things To Do With a Library Card
Family books, indexes, guides, oh my!

8. Find instructions for your next DIY project from macramé to carpentry. 

9 . Take sample tests of GED, SAT, TOEFL, and others. 

10. No need to pay for Skill Share or Master Class if your library has its own service. 

11. Download eBooks using OneDrive or Hoopla.

12. Enjoy some fresh music.  

13. Binge watch series you can get on Netflix. 

14. Plan your next vacation using their travel guides. 

20 Things To Do With a Library Card
Use some of these to figure out what’s for dinner!

15. Read about healthy habits after a doctor’s visit. 

16. Gaze at new magazines.

17. Use a sewing machine or cake pain from physical check out.  ** Libraries have begun holding unique items that the public requests for short term and one time projects.  

18. Plan a party from beginning to end including decorations and finger foods. 

19. Research something you find interesting.  

20 Things To Do With a Library Card
Libraries now have all this online!

20. Make a hold or request list of items you want so you can always have something to enjoy.  

Keep In Mind 

Every library has rules pertaining to obtaining a card.  My system requires recent residential proof with a date stamp and a government/state issues ID.  (I.E. a recent bill mailed to your home with your drivers license.). Some have rules limiting first check out.  Check your local libraries website or call your local branch.  This list is by no means exclusive.  There are so many services available depending on population, community requests, and administration.  Go ahead and enjoy our very own adult Reading Rainbow.  

How do you use your library card?  

20 Things To Do With a Library Card
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