Things You Can Learn on YouTube

YouTube has changed the way we video media since it began in 2005.  I remember laughing over the videos “Charlie bit me” and “The End of the World.”  About 6 years ago, I began consuming more YouTube videos for make up and body product reviews. I had to trade that form of content consumption in because I found myself with more product than I could use on all the sensitive skin in South Mississippi.  So lately, I watch YouTube like I do with podcasts to entertain and inform.

I cannot believe all the things you can begin learning on YouTube.  There are some skills you can go from beginner to master all using their free video content.  Now that my librarian life has been put on pause because of social distancing, I have time to try some more of these as well.  Here is my list of things you can use to learn on YouTube.


This was one of the first skills I tried to pick up on YouTube.  I got a ukulele on a whim one day in Vietnam when I felt lonely. Some of my teacher friends lived off of a street that sold nothing but different kinds of guitars.  After visiting about four stores, I found my perfect little pineapple shaped soprano ukulele. Hence began my ukulele strumming career. There are so many ‘how to videos’ and song demos to try!  I particularly like The Ukulele Teacher, and recommend downloading his app as well. 

Handcrafts-Knitting, Crochet, and Sewing

My first instruction on crochet was by my grandma on a summer day when I was in the throws of pre-internet boredom.  I would not trade that memory for anything, but I am glad that there are other options to learn stitching. Being an immediate adopter of the Baby Yoda or The Child trend, I was dismayed to find out Disney had not released a plus Yoda while The Mandalorian was streaming.  Turns out there were a ton of crochet patterns on Etsy to buy with a picture demo. I got one, and then looked at the pattern in confusion. Luckily, my friend Lisa Markle Sparkles recommended using YouTube to find the patterns needed to complete my new friend.  I did learn how to make the magic ring stitch, but have not completed the Yoda. (Hey another social distancing project!)

Fitness-Yoga, Pilates, Zumba

No need to pay for a class or allow others to see you sweat.  There are videos for any form of movement you can imagine. I have used YouTube for a relaxing 7 minute bedtime yoga video or a kick my butt abs workout.  I really like the fun and positive personality of the blogger Blogilates


Meditation and mindful breathing are actually very difficult to master.  People work years gaining peace and calm while meditating. Use beginner and tip videos on YouTube in order to start your own journey to enlightenment.  

How to Pack a Carry On

These packing tutorials are like my drug of choice.  I am always trying to find the next best trick to save space in my carry on.  There are also great videos reviewing bags, suitcases, and showing you what they packed.  It is easy to spend hours seeing how people fit the most in their small bags. There are also videos where expats recommend what to bring to your destination.  (Quarantine tip: Watch travel vloggers as well like Kara & Nate and Where’s Poppy to dream about your next vacation once travel bans are lifted.). 

Work Your Latest Gadget 

For my besties bachelorette we took an epic girl’s road trip to Savannah.  We enjoyed the weekend among the moss and southern grandeur. The problem was, when we went to leave our  AirBnb to drive home, we could not figure out how to unlock the key lock! YouTube came to the rescue in order to help us find the factory code to unlock the compartment in order to return the key.  I have also used YouTube to safety use my Instant Pot. If you are confused on where to start on your newest purchase, chances are you can find step by step guides on YouTube. Ditto for cleaning and maintenance!  

Financial Management 

I do not recommend using YouTube as your only financial advice.  (Definitely discuss your plans with a financial advisor before putting your money anywhere!). However, if you are a complete newbie to investing and savings, it is a good place to start.  If nothing else, it can help you decipher the difference between a stock and a trade. There are also great videos taking advice from professionals like Dave Ramsey and applies them to real life.  Kristen at The Gold Project does well explaining real life saving practices in her household.  

Start Your Novel 

Turns out, many of us have aspirations to write some kind of book.  Whether it is the next Harry Potter or a cute illustrated kids book.  But there are so many excuses and technical problems that get in the way of meeting that goal.  Make it a little easier by checking out Writing with Jenna Moreci.  She is a fun personality that is witty and frank.  Jenna became a writer through the success of self-publishing her first book Eve the Awakening. Check out her content library in order to get writing!  

Let the Search Bar Lead the Way

I cannot believe the timing of this post.  My posts are planned weeks to months ahead.  It is coming out at a useful time as we learn how to deal with the interruptions to our daily lives.  So many things are available if you want to give them a try!  

What have you learned on YouTube?

Things You Can Learn on YouTube
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  1. Leah says:

    Great timing! You tube is great for learning how to diy fix all the little things you e been meaning to take care of around the house too!

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