Tips to Release Your Inner Girl Boss

Happy Women’s History Month!  March has been celebrated as National Women’s History Month in some form since 1982.  I loved studying women’s history in graduate school. Still, I enjoy listening to podcasts about impressive women on Stuff You Missed in History Class and History Chicks.  The oral histories of women living their day to day lives during conflict impresses me even more.  Women do amazing things, and you can too!  Becoming a Girl Boss is possible for us all!

If you have a dream or a business idea.  You can start it this month. Here are my tips for productivity and  growth!

Tips to Release Your Inner Girl Boss
There is a girl boss in us all!

Read About Other Awesome Women

Nothing gets me more motivated than hearing the stories of other women who have triumphed over their challenges to achieve their dreams.  There are so many stories from ladies in all walks of life. I was just as inspired by the story of Malala as of older women like Rosa Parks.  Currently, I am listening to the audio book Educated by Tara Westover and it helped me realize how lucky I am to have the opportunities given to me in my childhood.  There is always something new to know and appreciate. 

Some of my favorite women power reads!  

Have a Morning Routine 

For years, my mornings consisted of hitting the snooze button half a dozen times and giving myself enough time to brush my teeth and get dressed before hauling out the door.  Now, I still only give myself 30 minutes before my VIPKid classes. (Hey it is 3:30 or 4:30 in the morning!) So now I get to spend some time enjoying myself after classes because of new regulations from China on class times.  On the rare day that I do not teach with VIPKid, I found that I really enjoy getting up to read or write while drinking my coffee.

My morning routine is not the most stellar or consistent.  My main goal is to do something productive or enjoyable however the mood strikes.  For a few weeks in winter, I enjoyed walking my cold and quiet neighborhood in the mist.  Sometimes I indulge my Asian Drama addiction with a hot tea. I will even get a jump on chores like cleaning my hedgehog’s cage and laundry.  Pretty much whatever puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.   

Tips to Release Your Inner Girl Boss
Start your mornings right!

Care Less About What Others Think

This has taken me years and years to make headway on this.  I used to obsess over what people thought of me both good and bad.  But letting go of this worry has been the most liberating feeling of my adulthood.  It started back in college when I passed up president of an organization in favor of focusing on a scholars program.  This is where I began caring about what I wanted for myself versus others assumed of me. This has allowed me to have courage to move overseas (twice!) and carve out a career path in the millennial landscape.  

To get started just remember this favorite quote:

“Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.” -Rachel Hollis 

**I could probably take a whole other blog post to unpack that!**

Invest in Education 

We are so lucky to live in a time where self-development is so easily accessible.  I was able to learn Mandarin for travel with a teacher from Taiwan on my own computer.  The creation of online course subscription services like Skill Share and Master Class makes learning almost any topic within our reach.  The Gulf Coast School District even offers community classes in courses ranging from digital photography to phlebotomy.  Paying for coursework has been something even this cheapskate can rationalize! There is no way to put a price tag on my CELTA certification that is my ticket to the world.          

Write Your Goals Down Along With Smaller Steps to Attain Them 

The first step to making your dreams a reality is to write them down!  This can be in any form or media. If you are a visual person, you may find a collage of your goals more productive than a typed list.  But don’t stop there! Think of the smaller steps to obtain these dreams. Say if you want to write a book, for example. Think of an attainable goal now like reading a book on writing or drafting your first short story for practice.  Use that momentum to plan further into the future slowly stepping towards your big plans.  

Tips to Release Your Inner Girl Boss
Invest in yourself.

Have One Pinterest Worthy Outfit 

I think this one is so important for your confidence.  There are phases in my life where I wear the frumpiest and old clothes!  (I am currently in a slump right now.) However, when I have a cute, confident outfit I feel like I can conquer the world.  You can build an outfit based on one item you like or find inspiration by typing styles into Pinterest. Use Poshmark, thrift stores, and whatever you need to find some quality pieces like a reliable handbag for reasonable prices.  You can even put your outfit on your vision board too! 

Find Your Own Girl Boss

Of course your definition of what Girl Boss means to you is different than mine.  However, you can still get ahead on this by living intentionally towards your goals and self-care.  I hope whatever the methods you can find your way!  

How do you release your inner goal boss?  

Tips to Release Your Inner Girl Boss
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