Coffee Butter … That’s a Thing?

It is no secret that I love coffee!  Going further than my multiple cups a day, I also love coffee flavored things.  I have a stash of coffee hard candies in my drawer at the library. Also, tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts!  Little did I know that there was something else coffee I have been missing out on. When I was visiting the Florence Gardens Farmers Market in November, I discovered Cafe Rubia.  Alessandra is a Brazilian woman selling her family recipe for coffee butter.  After tasting some, I quickly purchased a jar and am now a coffee butter convert.  

Coffee Butter
I always like starting with coffee!

What is it? 

Coffee butter is a spreadable, lightly whipped treat.  Like the name states, it is made of ground coffee beans.  I must say that the spread is different than the trend of bulletproof coffee.  Bulletproof coffee is when actual butter is added to liquid coffee before you drink it.  Coffee butter is a ground spread without actual butter as an ingredient. Coffee does contain caffeine!  

Uses of Coffee Butter

There are several uses of coffee butter in daily life and cooking.  Here are some uses: 

  • Make a Homemade Latte– I would heat a small cup of milk and stir in the coffee butter.  It is creamy and delicious.  
  • Ice Cream Topper–  Jazz up a bowl of ice cream with some coffee butter spread on top. 
  • Coffee Flavored Desserts-Use coffee butter as a base or add into desserts.  Think of how delicious dark coffee flavored brownies could be! 
  • Iced Coffee–  Use coffee butter as a creamy alternative to iced coffee base.
  • Smoothie Add In– Put some coffee butter in your smoothie to add some much needed energy to it.
  • As a Unique Smear or Spread-I love eating bread with different spreads.  Coffee butter is good on toast or bagels.  

Make Your Own!

I have found several options for making your own on Pinterest and web searches.  I like the directions and simple ingredients at Epicurious here.  (This recipe does actually call for actual butter.)  You will need a mixer to make it smooth and spreadable.  

Coffee Butter
Coffee butter goes great with warm milk to make drinks!

Buy Your Own!

If you do not have time to make your own and live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I would recommend catching Cafe Rubia at the Ocean Springs Farmer’s Market or visit one of the locations selling her product around the city.  Here are some options you can find on Amazon below! (Disclosure: Please read the reviews because I have not tried them yet because of my No Spend.)  

**Make sure to check the labels if you have any allergies or contact the seller.

Find Your Coffee Buzz

Whether you make your own or buy a jar, you will find some enjoyment in the coffee taste.  I have enjoyed using it in making my own cozy warm lattes and as a spread on digestive cookies.  In the future, I hope to cook with it and make some creative coffee, desert creations.  

Coffee Butter
Pin me!

How would you use coffee butter?

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