A Valentine to My Favorite Blogs

There are so many great blogs out there!  It is overwhelming the choices out on the World Wide Web.  I have been an avid reader of blogs since my LiveJournal Days back in 2004.  Now, I love seeing some of them grow and evolve. It is also amazing seeing my friends grow as writers in their own blog.  So here is my list of favorite blogs!

The Occasional Genealogist 

Why I love it…

I really appreciate her intentional and organized approach to genealogical research.  She uses her process to be efficient with her time. Jennifer has her own courses and printables as well to help you get started.  She keeps her website clear and up to date. So many of the genealogy blogs I used to follow have become out of date and garbled. 

Lisa Markle Sparkles 

Why I love it…

Lisa has been a great friend for awhile now!  She has her own TpT and Etsy shop based on clipart and teaching littles.  I love peeking into Lisa’s creative world. She offers how tos and creative tips to get you started on your own creative business.  

Teacher New Island 

Why I love it…

My friend Lauren began a big Facebook group called VIPKid Newbie Island.  Now she has a website for resources for VIPKid teachers.  Lauren also goes over vocal health and hosting teacher meet ups.  Keep a lookout for more helpful content.  

Elisabeth and Butter

Why I love it…

I first heard about this website when she was interviewed on Say It Southern.  Elisabeth began baking in her parents kitchen and made her first wedding cake in high school!  She began a desert centered Instagram in college, and now has her own business based on baking.  I love her aesthetic and recipes.  

Plain Chicken 

Why I love it…

Plain Chicken’s recipe for white beans has been a go to recipe for me for years.  All of the recipes are simple and concise. She is another Southern food writer, and I love her take on southern stapes.  Seriously, the Mississippi Sin recipe will change your life and party. 


Why I love it…

They had me at their tag line “Backpacking in Heels.”  I stumbled upon this site when I was researching packing methods.  It has developed into a beautiful space dedicated to female travelers.  Their Facebook community is great too!

Her Packing List 

Why I love it…

The title is self explanatory, but it takes travel prep a step forward.  There are sections for specific product reviewed. My favorite posts are where real travelers show off their packing list in practice for specific trips in certain seasons. 

Tabsy Wabsy 

Why I love it…

Tabitha’s blog is a quick read that shares a lot of things I love.  She mostly does book reviews about her current reads. Lately, she has been posting daily recipes!  

Double Stacked Bookshelves 

Why I love it…

My friend Melissa and I both had blogs when we lived in Edinburgh studying at the university.  She has continued on to morph her page into “Double-Stacked Bookshelves.” (While my Edinburgh blog lays long abandoned.)  I always have fun reading her April A-Z series.  

What are your favorite blogs? 

My Favorite Blogs
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