No Spend Valentines Ideas

As I continue on my No Spend months this year, I am faced with a dilemma of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Technically, my rules allow to buy gives and celebrated holidays. However, I prefer not to get too crazy with spending on such a commercial holiday.  Plus the crowds are something else that evening. Ed and I have not gone out for Valentine’s in years. We have found enjoyment in simplicity and enjoying each other’s company.

So I thought of some no spend and low spend ideas for others to have a nice holiday.  

No Spend Valentines Ideas
Enjoy dinner and dessert at home this Valentine’s Day.

Cook a Romantic Dinner at Home

When choosing to cook at home, you are not limited to places that take reservations that night.  All manner of cuisine is available when you choose to enjoy a dinner at home. Edward has created many unique dishes for the holidays not just Valentines.  My favorite was one Valentine’s when he made mussels and fries in honor of our past trip to France.  

Take some time to plan ahead before cooking at home. (Although it is alright if you want to just have a Valentine’s Day Taco Tuesday!) If you want to make a fantastic meal, check out sales at Sams and other stores.  That way you may score something special like lobster for a reasonable price. Light some candles, bust out the China, and enjoy the meal. 

Grab Some Blankets and Stargaze 

A few years ago, there was a meteor shower with some visibility. So a group of us hopped in the truck and drove up to De Soto National Forest to watch the meteors.  It was a fun show. You can find your own way to enjoy the stars. Whether it is filling a truck bed with an air mattress and comforter in order to look up at the stars.  Another option is to make a fire on a beach. Do not forget to pack warm clothes and hot drinks.

No Spend Valentines Ideas
Stargaze under the nights sky this Valentines.

Create a Home Theater 

No need to look at a small television for the night.  Borrow or rent a projector and you will be in business.  There is also no reason to spend money for a screen. Find a blank wall or hang a light patternless sheet to make the screen.  (Tip: Some libraries are doing physical check outs now like sewing machines and cake pans. Check with your local library for a program like that!)  Make you favorite flavor of popcorn balls and buy some sodas in glass bottles. You will feel the cinematic charm in no time!

Take a Hike 

I recommend a winter hike since it is still too cold to paddle in most places.  Find a place that is unique or special. You can even make it a fun photo scavenger hunt to have some fun mementos at the end of the hike.  Challenge yourselves to find somewhere new to hike or look for hidden treasures around your community. Maybe there is a secret art instillation or a hidden waterfall.  

Finish a Project for a Surprise Gift

If you really need to give your significant other a special gift think of any projects you may have started.  (Currently, I have started crocheted baby Yoda with only a few inches completed.) Think of things hidden in your closet or drawers.  Can something be refashioned into a fun gift. Maybe you owe them a flower bed or a fixed gate. If not, take stock of the things you have that could be used to make a gift.  Maybe you have enough scrapbooking paper to create a thoughtful memory book or collage of funny moments.     

Hint:  You can type the materials you have into Pinterest and see if there are projects posted using them!  

No Spend Valentine’s Ideas
Raid your craft drawers and make a gift.

Write a Sweet Letter, Story, or Poem

Another way to give something that is personal and meaningful.  There are tons of writing prompts online that you can use to get started.  This is another way to use all that pretty stationary or paper stockpiled from years of crafty projects.  (Or is that just me?) You do not have to be Shakespeare or Keats to write something meaningful. Think of how that person makes you feel.  Your favorite memory or even your “how we met” story to get started.  

Create a Meaningful Playlist and Yummy Dessert 

Back in high school, I would get a friend to download mixed CDs for me.  Sometimes, I would get them to burn one for my boy of the hour as a gift.  Now it is much easier to create playlists on iTunes or Amazon Music. So take some time and make a queue of meaningful music to enjoy on a Valentine’s dessert date.  It is much cheaper to bake or make a special sweet treat. With the price of chocolate dipped strawberries, it is another great way to save money.  

Find a Free Event to Attend 

If you are having a Galentines (girl’s night) or feeling social for Valentine’s look on events near you.  Facebook has a way to search events near you. The newspaper also lists community events as well. There could be free concerts, dances, and movies that night.  

What are your ideas for a low spend Valentine’s Day?  

No Spend Valentines Ideas
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4 thoughts on “No Spend Valentines Ideas

  1. Leah says:

    “Boy of the hour” . My husband and I have gone on a picnic in our favorite park or hiked to a special spot w a blanket and a gourmet lunch! Small boxes of wine is a must!

  2. Jessie says:

    I love the home theatre idea! Sound super cozy and fun & popcorn balls are one of my childhood faves. We usually go hiking but I think this may be our new plan for this year since it’s been colder!

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