My Favorite Podcasts of 2020

I love podcasts!  They are part of my routine almost daily.  I often complete a podcast or two while I walk.  Podcasts are also good entertainment when I do not have an audiobook to listen to in the car.  They can make tedious chores like folding laundry, washing dishes, and sweeping more enjoyable.  In 2018, I posted a list of my favorite podcasts. I still love these podcasts, but I have found more!  

I recommended using podcasts to learn new things in my 20 Things to do in 2020 list earlier this month.  Here are my newest favorites, and why I love them! 

Podcasts for 2020
Listening to podcasts has become a big part of my daily routine.

RISE with Rachel Hollis 

The book Girl Wash Your Face was one of my best reads in 2018.  Her other non-fiction book Girl Stop Apologizing gave me a good jolt of encouragement to begin planning my future business endeavors.  It was a thrill to see all the wisdom she is also has to share on her podcast Rise. She has a mix of solo episodes as well as interviews with leaders in various fields.  

Many of the episodes are focused on building businesses and productivity.  She branches out into lifestyle as well talking about dressing for success and taking care of you.  Hollis has some great episodes related to mental and physical health as well. She began the podcast in 2017 so there is plenty in the archive.

Extra Credit 

VIPKid brand ambassador Michael Venn has been hosting a podcast for a few seasons now.  It focuses mainly on online teaching on the VIPKid platform. However, he does talk about diversifying teaching experiences and growing creative businesses.  He has had big names on the show like Nancy Taylor and Jennifer Anderson.  (He even interviewed yours truly last season for episode 25!)

This podcast is great for the veteran online teacher and those looking to get started.  You can learn more at his website.

Say It Southern 

This podcast is another recent find.  I love the format of interview shows since they always have new perspectives and fresh content.  The ladies of Say It Southern have made it their mission to seek out and interview successful Southern women.  It warms my heart to hear from ladies with the same values and go getter attitude as me. The southern references are also not lost to me!

Check it out and find hope as well as inspiration in their stories. 

Favorite Podcasts of 2020
What podcasts do you like?

Southern Lady Code

I am sad to say this little podcast gem only has about 15 short, but delightful episodes.  The host used it to promote her book by the same title.  Helen Ellis is a southern transplant that currently lives in New York City.  Each episode, she takes a set of southern phrases and decodes them. She uses her own experiences to entertain and describe the meaning of common southern jargon.  Sometimes my sides hurt from laughing as she describes her favorite things as well with her delightful southern wit.

Do You Even Blog?

Another podcast that is great for those ready to start a creative business.  Originally Pete, the creator and host, focused on developing blog content. He has branched out and worked with other creatives.  He now also discusses YouTube and Podcast development. Most recently, he interviewed bullet journal YouTube star Matt Ragland. There are so many topics to get you started on monetizing your own creative path.  


This podcast is like a coffee or wine date with some dear friends.  As the title suggests, the show is not about having a Pinterest perfect life, but try for a little something more. Their banter is so funny and it reminds me that we all struggle a little bit.  I enjoyed their real talk in their New Year’s Not Resolutions episode. It was amusing to hear their advice on how to become a reader. Simply read Harry Potter, and I have to agree!

Get started listening in order to find your own way to live Better(ish).  

How To Find Them 

All podcasts mentioned are available on free streaming services.  That includes Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Sound Cloud. Use them to occupy your time and learn some new things!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  

What is your favorite podcast? 

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission is you click through and make a purchase.

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