How to Start a Bullet Journal Under $15

I began seeing bullet journals a few years after the planner craze began.  At first, I shied away from them only admiring them from my Instagram feed.  As a kid, I would write and practice lettering to no avail. (I still have weirdest lefty scrawl around.)  My doodles would often come out wonky and odd. So I decided to stick to my stickers and stamps. However, I loved seeing the layouts and began adding them to a Pinterest board dedicated to journaling.  Now, I have begun dabbling in bullet journaling as well!  

How to Start a Bullet Journal for Under $15
Find some pen and paper in order to get started on your own BuJo!

What is a Bullet Journal?  When did it become a thing? 

Also called BuJo for short, a bullet journal is simply a mindful way of recording your thoughts.  Some groups call it a “written meditation.” There is no limit to the creative scope a bullet journal can have.  Some people use it for simply tracking daily habits or their monthly planner. Others use them to record deep and personal thoughts as a way of chasing away anxiety.  Whatever, the reason, a bullet journal can be created easily with a few supplies.  

Basic Supplies to Get Started 

There is nothing more you need than just a pen and paper to get started bullet journaling.  The classic kind of paper to use is dot grid paper. However, any style from grid to blank is fine.  A ballpoint pen from the junk drawer will work too!    

Here are a few other things you can use if you would like:

Journal or Paper







Washi tape



Colored Pencils 

Start With What You Got or Ask a Friend!

To stay along with my theme of No Spend, I recommend not buying anything to start your first bullet journal.  You can inventory the art supplies you already have around the house. You can also ask friends if they have any extra pens or markers to use for your journal.  Another option, is to raid your kids craft box and use some of their supplies. Challenge yourself to find a notebook you have not touched since someone gave it to you or a half filled one sitting on a shelf.  

How to Start a Bullet Journal for Under $15
All the possibilities!

Places to Find Cheap Supplies

If all of your notebooks have mysteriously disappeared or all your pens are dry.  (By my estimations, I will not have dry pens for pens.). There are places to find cheap supplies for journaling.  I prefer to check the sales rack of discount stores like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. I found a perfect dot journal for 2 dollars at Marshalls!  Big Lots and Dollar Tree also have extremely cheap supplies that work just fine for a BuJo. There is also the opportunity to use 50 percent off coupons at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  

Again, I recommend checking all your pens and markers before going to buy more. 

Cheap Supplies on Amazon 

Amazon also has some great supplies for bullet journals.  I have found great pens and journals for cheap. Here are my favorites. 

Beginning Categories For Your BuJo! 

List of your favorite things.

Your goals and dreams.

Address and phone number list.

Make it your calendar and planner.

A gratitude journal.

Memories and moments.

Habit tracker (Water, exercise, etc.)

Best recipes.

Inspiration quotes.

Books Read and book to read.


Birthday lists 

Home project log

Play lists (Music, Netflix for examples)

Brain dump

Here are just some ideas for your first bullet journal.  Check out the hashtags #bulletjournal #bujo for more ideas! 

How to Start a Bullet Journal Under $15
Pin Me!

Do you bullet journal?  Would you like to start?  

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One thought on “How to Start a Bullet Journal Under $15

  1. Lauren says:

    This is great! I love the journal that I got for Christmas! I really just brain dump and keep lists in there, but it works for me and makes me happy!!!!

    Also! I didn’t know you were a lefty! I am too!!!

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