Why I Use a Paper Planner and You Should Too!

Back in high school, I found myself loaded down with all the things.  I would juggle multiple organizations, extra curricular, and school. Soon, I found myself carrying a paper planner and updating a wall planner in my room by 10th grade.  Since then, I have used a paper planner. Many things have rocked my planner world over the years. First was being given a Franklin Covey Life Planner in college. There my brain resorted the ways I prioritize my schedule.  Then around 2013, I began seeing these cute Erin Condren Planners decorated on YouTube and Instagram. Now, I have used a Plum Paper Planner for about 5 years. This paper planner is my most useful life tool and I use it daily. Here are the reasons I use my paper planner and how you can start your own organization journey!  

My Planner is Customized to Me

Firstly, I chose a planner that I customized for my life.  My current Plum Paper Planner is a vertical layout broken into morning, afternoon, and evening. It also has spots for more checklists than I know what to do with.  I added dotted-paper to each monthly tab as well as extra at the end of the year. This way, I use my planner as a type of bullet journal aka bujou to track goals, reading, and health.   It has become close to a one stop shop for me to run two jobs and a growing self-started blog.  

There are countless places selling unique and customized planners.  Happy Planner even gives the capability to change the order of the pages.  Even store brands are available at Michaels for a fraction of the cost that focus on academic, financial, and health planning. A grass root movement has come as well where people are taking an old fashioned pen and ruler to a notebook to create what they need for cheap.  There is something out there for everyone.

It Has Filled My Former Scrapbooker Void 

I spent close to 8 years being obsessed with scrapbooking.  However, I would plan more than actually scrapbook. (Ironic I know!)  Paper crafts are cheap and I love stamps, pens, and all the stickers! So now, instead of scrapbooking I decorate my planner as a creative outlet.  It is something I do anyway, and I find it as a unique memory book at the end of the year.  

With focusing on limited paper crafts, I was able to discard several boxes and drawers of stickers, stamps, and punches.  Now, I can actually find what I have and use it when needed.  

I Use It For More Than Just Appointments 

My planner helps me keep track of more than just dentist appointments and my work schedule.  I have a bill tracker, reading list, and goals. With the extra dot paper, I can create whatever I need to make it as functional as possible.  There are many different ways to use a planner.  

It can also be used as a habit tracker.  There are so many stickers and stamps sold to track water intake, vegetables, and exercise to add into planners.  Want to log how much time you spend watching Netflix? Add it as a volume in a planner!

Write It Down and Remember It

I type things all day, but I will remember it if I write it down.  Until I add an alarm to everything on my phone I will not remember it.  However, if I write in my planner, I am more likely to remember. It isn’t a full proof system, but I feel a lot better writing it down to help.  I also can see the week in a full spread to plan my days with what works best.  

Actually, scientific evidence supports this theory that we can process and remember information better by the simple action of writing it down.  

It Satisfies My Inner Control Freak 

Using a paper planner is a great step to take in controlling your time.  It can be used to track time wastes and priorities. I use mine for all of these things and more.  If you are ready to get started you cannot go wrong with a fancy Erin Condren or a Dollar Tree planner.  Get one, start writing in it, and find what works for you!  

Do you use a paper planner?  What kind do you use?  

Why I Use a Paper Planner
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