Have a Hygge Christmas

Merry Christmas internet and real family!  (Since I know a lot of y’all are reading this!)  The grand finale of the holiday season is finally here.  Although, I have to admit, I love the excited feeling that charges the evening of Christmas Eve.  Some of my best memories are standing on the porch on clear Christmas Eve nights and looking at the stars.  Something about a winter night, makes them shine brighter. The next day, since my childhood, is a flurry of multiple family visits.  Some years, I have gone to 5 houses for visiting. There is always a lot of hustle and bustle instead of hygge

However, this year, I am striving for more hygge with the holidays.  Here are some things I hope to accomplish and enjoy.

Have a Hygge Christmas!
Gifts for the kids ready to go.

Make a Hot Drink

Using my list of 6 Cozy Holiday Drinks, I would like to enjoy one of these on the couch Christmas Eve.  Although it is not supposed to be cold this Christmas on the Gulf Coast, it will be cooler than usual.  I also love my hot coffee with a Christmas morning breakfast. Usually we find something legendary to replicate and enjoy.         

Keep My Feet Warm

Since I am known for cold feet and hands, I usually done on some warm socks.  I hope to use these double layered plaid socks given to me by my mom. The plan is also to teach in my pajamas (like usual) with VIPKid Christmas morning.  I just need to find the Santa hat!  

Relax (Some)

The hustle has been real since June of  2018, and it is not slowing down. I am looking forward to sharing my New Year’s Goals next week as well.  Still, I would like to take a moment to breathe and enjoy the day.  

Give the Perfect Gifts

Due to planning ahead, almost all gifts are already wrapped and ready to go under the tree!  I am really not worried about what I will get, but so excited to share the new books for my nieces and nephews.  This year is special, because I am sharing the book that became my favorite in 5th grade with niece!  

Have a Hygge Christmas!
Some Christmas Eve vibes!

Complete my December Daily

Today draws an end to my 2019 December Daily challenge on Instagram.  It has been another great December, and now I can scroll through my feed to be reminded of it.  This year’s favorite is by far my new little hedgehog Finn’s Christmas picture under the tree!  

Have a Hygge Christmas!
Finn’s first Christmas!

Look Towards the Future

I would like to encourage everyone to take a break on Christmas day.  Whether it is in a dim room with the Christmas tree on or over a warm pastry with coffee that morning.  Take some time to think about the good times and the bad times you have overcome. Then you can look towards a bright future in 2020.

Have a Hygge Christmas!
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How do you like to celebrate Christmas? 

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