Christmas in Mississippi Book List

It is not too late to get a few good books to enjoy during Christmas the next few weeks.  I enjoy reading books set in a local setting and give me a feeling of home around the holidays.  There are some beloved children’s classics as well to share with the young ones too.  

Growing up, every year, we would gather in front of the television during the nightly news on Christmas Eve for two reasons.  One was to watch the Santa tracker to see where he was located in the world. The second was to listen to someone local read The Cajun Night Before Christmas.  He would read the story in a delightful Acadian accent that we all heard around town growing up.  

To get started on your own holiday collection. Here are some of my Christmas in Mississippi recommendation that have enjoyed or on my personal tpr.  

Children’s Books 

The Cajun Night Before Christmas by Trosclair 

If I was asked what picture book I remember most from my childhood, The Cajun Night Before Christmas is the hands down winner!  I love the imagery of the Cajun Santa with his alligators instead of reindeer.  Check out this WLOX version by Larry Ray on YouTube!  

The Legend of Papa Noel: A Cajun Christmas Story by Terri Hoover Dunham

It is not a surprise that the French and Cajun stories are popular.  Being an old French colony, these stories resonate with most of us. This is another take on a Cajun Santa.  

Santa is Coming to Mississippi by Steve Smallman 

These beautifully illustrated books are a nice Christmas Eve read.  It is lovely to see familiar sights around the state including on the coast!  

I Saw Santa in Mississippi by JD Green

Another cute Santa themed book set in Mississippi.  In this plot, Santa goes on vacation to Mississippi, but must remain in disguise!

Christmas Nostalgia 

Christmas Memories from Mississippi by Charlene R. McCord

This is a collection of stories from classic and modern southern writers.  All relate to Mississippi Christmases. It is eclectic with humorous, serious, and bittersweet holiday stories.  

Christmas Stories from Mississippi by Wyatt Waters 

If you cannot get enough of Mississippi Christmas, this is another fantastic collection of stories.  It is also published by the University of Mississippi Press.  

Cozy Fiction Reads

I love a good holiday romance!  Here are some set in small town Mississippi.  

Wishful Romance Series by Kait Nolan 

All of the books (at least 11) are set in a small town called Wishful.  I checked to make, and pretty sure that it is a fictional town. Several of them are set during Christmas! 

A Down Home Christmas by Liz Talley

Is about a country music star who returns to Mississippi to convince his aunt to sell the farm in order to move into a retirement community.  Of course, a beautiful neighbor is involved and a kid’s Christmas concert.  

A Cherry Cola Christmas by Ashton Lee

This one is centered around a book club in a small Mississippi town.  The plot centers around the book club members. This is book #4 so it may be better to read the first 3 first. 

Mississippi Cookbooks 

Southern Living Christmas Cookbooks 

These are a classic and treasure trove of holiday recipes. I recommend taking a look at estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores, and library book sales.  They are everywhere, and can be useful in finding something so old it may not even be on Pinterest.  

Modern Hospitality by Whitney Miller

Although this is not Christmas themed, it is one of my favorite cookbooks.  Whitney Miller was a winner of the first season of Top Chef from Poplarville, Mississippi and fellow Southern Miss Alum.  I highly recommend her shrimp and grits for Christmas breakfast or brunch.  

Save Time and Money

Remember, a lot of these are available at local libraries and can be checked out for free.  If you need to save time instead, download the e-book or find the audiobook. I usually listen to a few audiobooks a month on a free program provided by the library system.  Audible also offers deals and discounts as well!  

I hope everyone has a great time reading around the Christmas tree!  

Christmas in Mississippi Book List
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Do you have any Christmas book recommendations?  Share them down below!

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