December Daily 2019: Love Memories Over Things

Since 2013, I have completed a December Daily Challenge on Instagram.  The point is to share a picture every day from December 1 to Christmas Day. Some years I have completed every day and others I just share the moments that impact me.  

It is a process of looking at the little things that I enjoy during the holiday season.  It is a lot like recording gratitude.  I get excited when a coworker brings me a frosted Christmas cookie or I see cute yard decorations during an evening walk.  

Here are some things to focus on and try during the holidays that create great memories. 

December Daily
Nice view from last year’s MGCCC Festival of Lights.

Put Fun Holiday Events On The Calendar 

For 2 years, my dad and I rode up to the Festival of Lights at MGCCC.  It is a winter carnival sponsored by different student groups on campus and the administration of the junior college.  The campus is transformed into a wonderland of lights and activity.  

Instead of spending that night shopping, or more likely passed out on the couch, we were making memories.  

Look Past the Buzz and at the Details 

Christmas is one big sensory overload.  Go into any T.J. Maxx or mall in order to be barraged with flashing lights, loud music, and every conceivable combination of product placements.  I challenge you to look closer. 

Last year I noticed a climbing Santa that was just like one climbing on my grandmother’s Christmas tree in my childhood.  Last weekend I found cute, mini ceramic Christmas tree ornaments.  So put your phone in your pocket and see what other treasures you can find. 

Savor the Seasonal Treats 

I swear stuff tastes better if you cannot have it all the time.  It causes me to associate sweet holiday memories with these delicious treats.  Here is a list of some of my favorites!

Tis’ the Season of the Hygge

It can be difficult to hygge in the south when we are sometimes wearing shorts at Christmas.  But when the cozy, cool weather happens I take full advantage.  I pull out the fuzzy socks and hot beverages. Christmas is the pinnacle of time to live the hygge life.  

So dim the lights, turn on the Christmas tree, and enjoy the twinkle of the decorations. 

December Daily
Enjoy a sweet treat!

Give Some Cheer

There are countless charities looking to give Christmases in families in need.  Reduce some of the holiday clutter by choosing to donate to charities like the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree and Operation Christmas Child.  

Make it a family event by going together to pick out gifts, packaging, and delivering them.  

Find Some New Holiday Traditions 

For the first few years of our relationship Ed and I would share gifts together randomly.  Sometimes it would be at the end of the day after we visited all the family and other times with everyone.  We have finally settled on our own tradition when we moved into our house ten years ago.

Now we exchange gifts and stockings on the evening of Christmas Eve.  Before the busy day coming up and after we are done with work. Think of what is best for your family in order to find traditions you can enjoy for a lifetime.  

Give December Daily Daily a Try

If you want to share your own December Daily moments I recommend sharing them on Instagram using the hashtags #DecemberDaily2019 or #DecemberDaily 

No moment is too big or too small to share.  Make it memorable!  

How do you enjoy the holidays? 

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2 thoughts on “December Daily 2019: Love Memories Over Things

  1. Leah says:

    I always try to find time to drive around and look at Christmas lights, bake something special that usually takes too much time, make hot cocoa w a little peppermint schnapps, and watch way too many cheesy Christmas movies!

    • MandyLHornsby says:

      I love driving around looking at Christmas lights! I also love almond liquor with ginger ale while watching those cheesy movies!

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