One Dollar Book Haul Part II

I was lucky enough to catch another ten for a dollar Book Sale at the D’Iberville Goodwill last week!  It was fun to dig through the shelves and tables for hidden treasures.  Here is a break down of my finds…

Vintage Children’s Set for my Shop!

 A few fun reads for my ever growing list…

Some older books for my personal collection.

A few more items for the shop.

No sure what I am going to do with this book, but I read it a few years ago and enjoyed it! 

Until next time, happy reading! 

One thought on “One Dollar Book Haul Part II

  1. Stephen says:

    Book sales are like crack for me! So much so that I had to declare a book purchase moratorium until I'd read all the unread ones I have (quite a few to go, and as one of them is a Simon Schama doorstopper on the history of Dutch art, it could be a while!)

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