Gulf Coast Musings: Cheese balls

On a thrift store run a few weeks ago, I found this glass dip tray.  It was a steal at $4.99 cents!

My first thought when I found it on the bottom shelf with random serving dishes was, “Oh my gosh a cheese ball tray!”  Now any good Southern woman knows that the cheese ball is a staple at every baby shower, bridal brunch, and after funeral spread.  There are hundreds of variations, and I am excited to try them for various holidays with my fancy tray.  

At my friends weekly Sunday dinner, I got a family recipe from my mother to try my hand at this southern girl birthright.  She came up with this recipe from my Great Aunt Brenda.  She would make it for all her work parties.  
Aunt Brenda’s Hot/Spicy Cheese Ball 

**One quick note, I used smoked cheddar instead of Old English Cheese 
Here is my handiwork, and everyone enjoyed it! 
I could not believe my good fortune when I found this beauty a week later.  What luck! 

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