Fun Finds in Fairhope Alabama

Since my Winter Break is coming to an end, the Hubby and I decided to take a Saturday day trip.  We drove down to a Fairhope, Alabama about an hour and half away.  Fairhope is another fantastic coastal town with tons of shopping.  Especially my favorites antiques and cute little boutiques.  

 I like stores that have a lot of variety, and even a little cramped.  I especially love baskets of things to dig through!  My favorite place we stumbled upon yesterday was Copper Roof Antiques on Fairhope Avenue.  Here are a few snapshots!  

Store Front of Copper Roof Antiques 

Inside of the back of the store.  
Nifty windowpanes


I love the brown cups on the left!  

An antique milk jug would look so fantastic on a front porch.  

This antique Singer definitely character.   

This is a basket full of various cards which entertained me for awhile to flip through.  

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